Presidential Interview

Fox News: … aber Mr President, die in Austria leben ja gar nicht alle im Wald ...

realDonaldTrump: ... aber Waldbrände gibt’s keine in lucky Austria, I know when I’ve been skiing there a lot of years ago! Und besides, my Grandfather told me, that in good old Germany war das auch so!

Aber Mr President, Ihr Grandfather died in 1918, da kann er Ihnen nix mehr erzählt haben!

But my father did it and was told by old Grandpa … But what the hell do you ask me? Fox News is my private, my real private station! I fire you instantly! Fox News – und dem Best President Forever widersprechen! Never!

Mr President, erzählen unserer audience how your forefathers in Germany did manage the forests without burning them down?

Since thousands of years they have had the skills to do so, even the Neanderthals, my great Vorväter, were able to keep the forests growing, nicht so wie diese unfähigen, demokratischen firefighters in California.

Mr President, die Neanderthals waren also erfolgreich in der Waldpflege?


Aber Mr President, die Neanderthals sind doch ausgestorben – 40.000 years ago!

You’re fired! Immediately! Definitely!

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